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     In his four part series “Answers For The Honest Skeptic”, Ted Even aids the honest skeptic in their search for spiritual truth by answering 85 common objections to biblical Christianity which many skeptics have wrestled with. 

Ted Even shows just how easily one really can discover the solid spiritual truth as even the seemingly difficult questions are answered objectively with overwhelming honest evidence throughout his book series. 

A Big Degree is Not The Key

     However, in order to discover the real spiritual truth among all the other conflicting spiritual persuasions in our present troubled world, one has to not only be “open minded”, but also open their heart to the truth – which of course always has plenty of honest evidence to back it. 

And along with opening their heart to any new truths presented to them (which again are fortified with sufficient honest evidence), they must also of course open their heart to the very real possibility that even their present beliefs may be quite skewed through the ignorance, biases, and deceptions of the self contradicting world we live in.  And this “opening of our hearts” is exactly what Christ meant when he stated:  “Except you be converted, and become like little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” 

Thus, big degrees are not at all necessary in our discovery of the real spiritual truth.  Just the simple honesty and openness of a little child when abundant honest evidence for the truth is presented to us.  Thus, according to the Bible, in this very fair way, the entire human race is put on a “level playing field” when it comes to their awesome opportunity to obtain the eternal life of God.  And of course this is only quite reasonable if indeed God himself is defined with impartial love and moral perfection. 

So, it would seem that in our search for real spiritual truth, simple honesty itself, not only transcends our intellectual capabilities and scholarly abilities, but also our age, sex, popularity, talents, wealth, poverty, and of course our preconceived political and religious persuasions which can be largely based more on emotion than fact.  And as we continue our search for real spiritual truth, by adding up all the honest evidence along the way, it will never really point equally in two different conflicting directions

No, the honest evidence will always eventually point overwhelmingly in one basic direction when searching out any given issue – simply because the real spiritual truth could never contradict itself and remain the reliable truth!  So what really happens then in the human heart when we encounter the real spiritual truth fortified with sufficient honest evidence?  Could it be that the honesty in our own heart is actually tested? 

Just grab your copy of part 1 in Ted Even’s series “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” and find out what happens in your heart when you read this simple to understand work which only leaves the real spiritual truth left standing.

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