In a world full of 4000 contradicting religions, which all claim to be right, it can be rather confusing. But only the truth of reality makes real sense.

All too often, people just settle for following family or friends blindly for their adopted spiritual beliefs. But what if our chosen spiritual beliefs are a matter of life and death, as most religions in the world insist? That’s why it is important to learn to think for ourselves instead of following anyone blindly. Only reality makes real sense.

Because the real, reliable truth could never contradict itself and still be the truth, we know right there that only one religion, among all others that conflict with each other, could be the one true faith that represents reality. And the truth is, only the truth of reality makes reasonable sense! If you just ask the right questions and are honest with your answers to those questions, you will easily encounter reality backed by plenty of overwhelming evidence.

Historically, there are basically two spiritual worldviews that man can adopt: 1. There must be a creator who created it all. 2. Everything somehow evolved into being completely on its own. So, let’s start asking some of those very revealing questions and see which view even makes any sense with reality when we answer them with honesty.

  1. Throughout human history, man has always shown a real desire to know spiritual truth. But one must ask the question why that is – if indeed Darwinian evolution is true?
  2. Why the big spiritual element to mankind if Darwinian evolution is really true?
  3. Why would we see all the churches in the world and man’s big desire to worship a God if, indeed, Darwinian evolution were true?
  4. Why is man willing to even lay down his life for his spiritual beliefs – if Darwinian evolution were really true?
  5. In fact, if Darwinian evolution were really true, you’d expect there to be no spiritual element to man’s desires – only physical survival, if, in fact, we were just made of physical dust, and that’s it. But much to the contrary, we find that the human race even defines itself with its different chosen spiritual beliefs. Why is that if Darwinian evolution were true?
  6. If we know that everything man-made has always had an intelligent creator behind it (without one single exception), then quite honestly, how could everything in all of nature (especially human beings) have just evolved on its own, if in fact, it has far more complex intelligent design than anything man has ever made?
  7. If everything just happened by chance, as Darwinian evolution asserts, then why does a cross-section of a carrot look similar to the human eye, and carrots are also good for your eyes when eaten? Why do shelled walnuts look similar to the human brain and are good for your brain when eaten? Why does the silhouette of a hanging bunch of grapes have the same basic shape as the human heart, and grapes are also good for the human heart when eaten? Why are yams shaped similarly to the human pancreas, and they are also good for the pancreas when eaten? Why is celery similar to human bones in its stringy strength, and is it also good for your bones when eaten? Why are kidney beans shaped like the human kidney, and also good for your kidneys when eaten? Why do figs hang in twos, are filled with seeds, and are good for promoting male sperm when eaten? Why are avocados shaped like a mother’s womb, take nine months to grow, and are good for the female womb when eaten? The list goes on, but are all these precise life-giving relationships a mere massive string of coincidences? Or is someone both intelligent and loving behind them?
  8. If the process of evolution is true and completely haphazard, then why do we see all the narrow life-giving relationships in nature (including the human body) that are the direct opposite of anything haphazard?
  9. Why would some evolutionists claim that only biblical Christianity is faith-based for its origins when evolutionists can’t tell us where the original elements of evolution even came from?
  10. If Darwinian evolution goes well beyond human reasoning in eternity past, eternity future, and in many respects in the present, then why do some evolutionists assert that only Darwinian evolution relies on science?
  11. What takes the most faith to believe: That all life came from a living creator? Or did all life ultimately come from non-life before the first element of Darwinian evolution existed?
  12. What takes more faith to believe: That everything came from a creator (just as many historical human witnesses testify to Christ’s creative miracles)? Or did everything come from nothing – even though observable science has never observed anything coming from nothing?
  13. Why wouldn’t it be possible (and perfectly reasonable to believe) that all intelligent life forms on earth came from our intelligent unseen creator, who may be just testing our faith in Him and our love for Him, before he grants us his eternal life?
  14. Why do some evolutionary-based belief systems believe the starting elements of evolution just always existed on their own (they didn’t have to be created) when our most basic law of entropy proves that everything in all of nature came from a better state back in time and thus, there must have reasonably been a beginning when all things were in their original perfect state?
  15. Just why aren’t all the different complex, orderly systems and cells (with their narrow, precise relationships) working together within the human body in order to sustain delicate life, just the direct opposite of the random, reckless, haphazard chance of some evolutionary process which has no need for an intelligent creator?
  16. If we cannot figure out the human brain with our human brains, doesn’t it just make decent sense to believe that however the human brain came into being, it did so through much more intelligence than our own?
  17. If evolutionists believe that monkeys can actually learn complex languages like people do, just because they can use some basic crude tools, then should we also believe humans can fly unaided just because we can jump only two feet in the air?
  18. When you look into the mirror, does it really take that much honesty to admit that our highly intelligent human body did not just evolve completely on its own when everything man-made, which has far less intelligence, has never ever just evolved completely on its own?
  19. If Darwinian evolution teaches that everything came from a random, reckless, haphazard process, and there is no intelligent design in nature, then how does one explain the many well-known obvious dot-to-dot pictures of both animals and humans found in our stars (Psalm 19:1)?
  20. If post-flood mankind was less intelligent and unable to speak and write just because they had to temporarily dwell in caves due to the lack of trees, etc., then are all the destitute street people today also unable to speak and write just because they may live on the street in cardboard boxes?
  21. If, according to Darwinian evolution, all “order” in our entire universe actually came from “disorder,” without an intelligent creator behind it, then why have scientists never once observed this fantastic phenomenon (of order actually coming from disorder) even once in our natural sciences? Does not this blind assumption omit the need for the scientific method to confirm scientific conclusions?

Obviously, the list of similar questions could go on and on. And the truth of reality makes reals sense. But you get the point. It’s important to think for yourself – especially if it is your own eternal destiny on the line! The truth is, the Bible has always made perfect sense with the real world we live in! And it specifically teaches that there is also a real adversary of mankind, who is Satan and is actually the one who has hatched all manner of false religions and belief systems in the world in order to deceive all mankind away from the one true God and his eternal salvation.

Looking at all the false religions and spiritual belief systems in the world, which makes more sense: to believe that they all came from the theory of Darwinian evolution, which truly omits the need for all spirituality, or they came from spiritual beings who are trying to deceive mankind away from the one true faith in our creator who is also a spiritual being? Only the truth of reality makes real sense.

Grab your copy of part 1 of “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” by author Ted Even, and not only encounter much more honest evidence that points to our loving creator but also see for yourself just how you can be assured of his awesome eternal life!

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