Skepticism can grow into reasonable faith once questions are answered truthfully and sincerely.

Often we may hear someone say that biblical Christianity is only faith based, and Darwinian evolution is the only belief system backed by true science.  But is that really true?  let’s just briefly compare the origins of both and see for ourselves, shall we?

It is true that Biblical Christianity teaches that everything came from our singular all sovereign perfect creator who always existed.  And of course it takes faith to believe that simply because Bible believing Christians cannot sufficiently explain where God came from. So ultimately biblical Christianity is 100% faith based for its origins.  But is the theory of Darwinian evolution really any different? 

Darwinian evolution teaches that everything came from dirt, sunlight, water, or even molecules colliding with each other over billions of years.  But when one asks where the sunlight, water, dirt, and molecules came from, evolutionists have taught that either it all came from an infinitely small dot of nothingness, or it just always existed and they can’t explain where it all came from. 

Do you see how both belief systems require 100% faith for their origins?  So which belief systems are faith based?  They both are reasonable faith based for their origins simply because both easily go beyond human reasoning.  But to be fair, some would say that biblical Christianity requires even less faith than Darwinian evolution simply because biblical Christianity teaches us that all life came from a living source – namely our living creator, and Darwinian evolution teaches that all life ultimately came from non-life when you boil the theory down far enough.

Did you know that there are approximately 4000 different religions in the world today and each and everyone of them require 100% faith for their origins?  If you look into it, every religion or belief system out there goes way beyond human reasoning, requiring 100% faith not only for its origins, but also for its explanation for the eternal future.  And they also require 100% faith for many of their realities in between the two!  For example, the many miracles of the Bible require our faith because they obviously go beyond the natural sciences. 

Darwinian evolution teaches us that even now, one kind of animal is evolving into another completely different kind and that we just can’t see it because the process is so slow.  And since no one has ever observed one kind of animal evolving into a completely different kind (like a bird evolving into a dog), it obviously takes 100% faith to believe it is even possible.  Yes, mankind has observed micro-evolution (one species of a kind evolving into another species of that same kind), but never one kind evolving into a completely different kind (which would be Macro or Darwinian-evolution).  So, if the beginning, future, and even aspects of the middle of every belief system out there actually requires 100% faith to believe in them, what are we saying?  All we really have are very fantastic sounding 100% faith based options for reality!   

The only question is which belief system stays in compliance with all the different types of truth when tested against them.  You see, scientific truth is only one type of truth which a belief system can be tested against – which is called empirical truth, or truth discovered through the use of our five senses (smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch).  And really the one true faith should pass the tests of all the different kinds of truth – not just scientific truth.  But, before we even get to testing a belief system with the different kinds of truth, could there possibly be more than one correct religion in the world?  Well, just using rational or conceptual truth, there are logically only two options as it concerns all the different religions in the world which contradict each other in just their basic beliefs

Either one of them is the truth, or none of them are the truth.  Why?  Simply because quite reasonably the real trustworthy truth could never contradict itself!  And the “none of them are the truth” option isn’t all that realistic simply because we all got here somehow and there must be an explanation for the very same reality we all experience everyday.   So how can we possibly recognize the one true faith among so many which all claim to be the truth?  This may surprise you, but quite easily when you start to objectively test all the different belief systems against the following:

1.  Rational or conceptual truth – truth discovered through reasoning and logic

2.  Scientific or empirical truth – truth discovered through the 5 senses

3.  Historical/legal truth – truth discovered through written historical evidence

4. Archeological truth – truth discovered through historical objects

5. Spiritual truth – obvious truth which cannot be sufficiently explained through reasoning or the 5 senses

Additionally, any belief system can be tested against:

1. The true moral condition of man

2.  Self contradictions

3.  The moral character of its founders

4.   Its predictions of the future

5.  The moral fruit it has basically produced in human society

6.  The divine power it has displayed

And this is exactly what Ted Even’s “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” 4 part series is all about.  Grab your copy of part 1 today, and see for yourself the real spiritual truth left standing after the smoke of cross-examination clears!

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