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In a world filled with grief, anger, and violence, many people are searching for inner peace, but don’t know how to get it.  Do our troubling circumstances really need to change before we can have true inner peace?  Jesus says no.  He said in John 8:32, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  So, it would seem we certainly can get true peace through the discovery of his spiritual truth.

None of us may be able to stop all the hatred and evil going on in the world, because those are outward circumstances beyond our control.  But through a right relationship with Christ, we can have an inner peace which no one can take away!  Since God is all powerful and all knowing, it just makes sense that he’s the only one who can fix and unify this broken world.  Jesus said in John 16:33:  “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace.  In the world, you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”.

Mankind has always had opposing opinions on all sides of every moral issue, and that’s how we know that spiritual truth could never have originated with us.  It must come from an outside, perfect, non-contradicting source – namely our perfect eternal creator.  Since he alone is the eternal creator of all things, only he alone is qualified to be our “moral referee” and the only one who can finally unify this lost world.  Historically, much of the world has always wanted peace, unity, and love.  But all too often man wants peace without unity and love, and unity and love without real truth.  But how’s that working so far?  That’s a bit like wanting rain without water, is it not?

The Roman governor, Pilate, asked Jesus: “What is truth?”  And the reason the world will never pin down real truth is because they view it as a “subjective” matter.  In other words, truth is only relative to one’s own perspective.  But the problem with viewing truth subjectively, is that it is solely based on the mere opinions of man which will always contradict each other.  And if man’s differing opinions will always contradict each other, how could they ever achieve unity and lasting love, which are the only forerunners to world peace?  The answer of course is that man’s opinions will never achieve these good things because they will always oppose one another!

What only makes sense is that we need a singular, perfect, unifying agent if we ever hope to have lasting unity, love, and peace.  So who is the only one qualified to be that singular unifying agent?  The creator of all things of course.  But with all the different conflicting religions in the world claiming to be right, who is our true creator?  Well, since anyone could claim that their god is the one true creator, it would be only reasonable for that god to prove it, right?  After all, how can we have peace by putting our full trust in some so-called god who just expects us to take their word for it quite blindly?  If any religion can just claim their god is god, and never provide any real honest proof for it, then I guess any one of us could just claim to be god, right?

And if our real creator really did want us to put our full trust in him because he already knew he was the only singular source of all love, life, and truth, then it would also just make sense that he would very reasonably reveal himself to us and prove his deity through his divine power displayed.  And that’s exactly what Jesus Christ did roughly 2000 years ago, when he performed literally hundreds and hundreds of miracles, proving he was the creator of all things!  In fact, no other so-called god from any other religion in the world has ever showed up in the human race to prove their deity like Christ openly did.  I guess all other so-called gods just want us to take their word for it blindly!  Has Allah ever showed up on planet earth and proved his so-called divinity with real miracles wrought among men?  No.   How about Zues, or the Sun god Ra?  No, and the list of course, goes on of so-called gods who have denied us the very reasonable proof of their deity.  Jesus is the only historical figure who ever showed up on planet earth and not only seriously claimed to be the creator of all things, but also lived a perfect life among men, and displayed the reasonable divine power which literally proves his deity!  And through his awesome divine power displayed, he has truly earned our trust!  

Many may want to debate spiritual truth.  But only when they can display the divine power Christ did many times over, do they have the right or clout to override what Christ taught!  Thus, the debate is over right there.  Anyone can claim they are right, but don’t you think that the right to be right has to be reasonably earned?  Otherwise we might as well all just create our own dream world and do away with reality altogether!

In John 14:6, Jesus clearly claimed: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father, but through me”.   He told the world plainly that he was the creator of all things (John 10:33).  One is even hard pressed to even find any historical figure who seriously claimed the same, and even if such a diluted figure could be found, they certainly never proved it through the divine power that Christ displayed.  When Pilate asked Jesus “what is truth?”, he didn’t even know it (truth) was standing right in front of him!  Am I saying then that all “spiritual truth” is really embodied in the very person of our creator?  Yes, that’s exactly what Christ was saying in John 14:6!  And since our perfect all powerful, all knowing, eternal creator could never contradict himself, he is the only unifying agent that could ever bring unity, peace, and love not only to this broken world, but also to our hearts.  So, if we truly want unity, love, and true inner peace, we might want to listen to the only one who literally earned our trust through his great divine power displayed!  

After all, who else in human history raised the dead, walked on water, calmed sea storms with a word from his mouth, healed hundreds of the maime, blind, and sick instantly with a touch, fed over 5000 with a few fishes and loaves of bread?  Who else turned water into wine, predicted the future many times over?  Who else fulfilled all Messianic Jewish prophecies of the Old Testament and lived a sinless life?  My friend, there’s no contest between the power displayed by Christ and any other so-called god of any other religion in this world!  So, with that historical reality, who are you going to put your trust in?

The only spiritual Journey which leads to Inner Peace

Like we already said, we may not be able to change the world, but we can have true inner peace which comes from a change of heart.  And if everyone has a changed heart, then we can have a changed world.  But how can we have a change of heart?  Can we change our own hearts?  Again, Jesus says, no.  We need his help, and that’s exactly why the Christ rejecting world will always be in great turmoil.  But if we just listen to what Christ said on just how he must help us have a changed heart, we shall know the spiritual truth and as many Bible believing Christians have testified, that truth will set us free!

Ted Even, author of a book about spiritual truth, has personally gone through this journey. As a skeptic turned believer, Ted lived his first years without meaningful drive and with a lost perspective of what his life truly meant. This is until he encountered the heart changing truth and peace of God through his personal relationship with Christ.  Not just Ted Even, but many millions have discovered that living a meaningful life, can only be obtained through a relationship with our creator who wants to give us the needed change of heart.  Grab your copy of part 1 of “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” and find out just how you too can have the needed change of heart to be at peace in this troubled world. 

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